5 Important Life Lessons Honey Boo Boo Has Taught Us All

honey boo booFor those who caught the long-awaited season 2 premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, you got a really special treat. Of course the episode was full of the family's usual tomfoolery -- I am pretty sure the world has never, ever seen an indoor, butter-soaked slip-'n'-slide. But if you paid close attention to the action, you would have learned five invaluable lessons from the Shannon/Thompson family. Take a look.

  1. "You can't put smell good on top of stink." - Jessica
    This pearl of wisdom came as Sugar Bear doused himself with cologne, and never have truer words been spoken. Admit it, there was a time when a questionable odor emanated from your underarms, and instead of showering, you just slapped on some more deodorant. Well folks, that NEVER really works. So please heed Jessica's advice and don't waste the deodorant, cologne, perfume, or Febreeze. 
  2. "Why waste money at the store when it's fresher and cleaner off the side of the road?"
    Mama is referring to roadkill, of course. Among the best options for good eatin'? "A bird, porcupine -- you can pick your teeth with the quills -- wild pig, raccoon, gopher," informs Honey Boo Boo. 
  3. "If you give me too much free time, I'm gonna make trouble." - Jessica
    Another important motto. Basically, it's a warning to all moms. When we grew up, it was "idle hands are the devil's playground." It still holds true to this day. If kids are left bored and to their own devices, expect trouble.
  4. "We don't take things too seriously." - Mama
    If only we could all model that behavior. Most of us stress over everything from the best summer camp to choose to back to school shopping. Life doesn't have to be so overwhelming.
  5. "Do as I say, not you tell me what to do." - Mama
    Admit it, sometimes you feel as though your kids are calling the shots. Well, it clearly shouldn't be that way. Follow Mama's wise words. Make sure the little ones know who's boss.  

Can't wait to see what else the family has in store for us this season.

Who is your favorite member of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo cast?


Image via DCL/TLC

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