Latest Brangelina Wedding Scoop: What We Know (So Far)

brangelina cannesWith marriage equality wins in the U.S. and around the world -- hooray, England and Wales! -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are bound to tie the knot soon, right? The buzz about their wedding plans seems to be reaching a fever pitch, so we feel like it's gotta happen any day now.

It's just the where, when, how, and with whom that seems to be up in the air! Everyone seems to have a different opinion, but here, the top seven rumors we know so far about Brangelina's Big Day ...

  1. They may get married on a boat. The UK's tabloid The Sun says the couple may be looking to charter the Hebridean Princess -- which has been chartered by the Queen herself and holds 50 people. Apparently this was Maddox's idea. Brangelina would have a $450K "floating wedding," which the kids would love, because they are "all hooked on old British voyages, so they would love it."
  2. They may use a boat to sail to a secluded bay off of Scotland where they'd get hitched. "They could always sail to a secluded bay off the Orkney or Shetland islands and have the ceremony there," the Sun's source hypothesizes.
  3. They're going to tie the knot in Hawaii. Grazia claims Angelina is considering the 50th state -- her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand's favorite place -- for at least "the legal part of the ceremony." This rumor actually sounds realistic, considering that Angie was recently seen traveling to Hawaii to scout shooting locations for a movie. Suuuure!
  4. Their Hawaiian wedding would be VIP only. As in just the couple and their children, a source says.
  5. Angelina may wear an antique dress. Her mother Marcheline's from the '70s.
  6. It may be a strictly "civilized" affair. Angie may have told Brad that his hard-partying buddies aren't welcome.
  7. All of the rumors may be planted to throw us off. Maybe they'll really end up marrying some random weekend, surrounded by VIPs, on their French estate. NBD.

What do you think Brangelina's wedding will be like? Do you hope any of these particular rumors turn out to be true?


Image via Georges Biard/Wikimedia

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