Star Hints He Wants to Play Christian Grey -- Have Mercy!

John StamosWhen it comes to leading actors wanting to play Christian Grey, who do you think of? For me it's a tie between Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder. Ugh, I could stare at those hunky shirtless stars for days! You know who I don't think about, though? John Stamos. Which is why I find it hilarious that the man's vying for a part in the Fifty Shades movie! Well, sort of.

The former Full House star tweeted out yesterday that he wants a part in Fifty Shades. Although he didn't say Christian specifically, something about the whole concept irks me. I mean, come on, aside from being way too old for the part (Christian is 27 and Stamos is 49) -- there are so many other wrong factors here.


Does he have the right brownish copper hair? Yes. But that's about where it stops. Christian Grey is supposed to have this ridiculous undeniable sex appeal that I just don't feel with Mr. Stamos. I look at Stamos, and I think man old enough to be my father.

At this point, it just feels like any and every actor is having their name thrown into the ring for this big role. I'm just praying that whoever is casting this shebang really chooses someone that embodies the man we read about in the trilogy, a man that will be known as "the actor who played Christian Grey" for the rest of his career. Sorry, Uncle Jesse, but I think you've already hit your niche. If not from Full House, then most DEFINITELY as the Oikos man.

Do you think Christian Grey needs to be played by a younger actor?


Photo by Alan Light

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