Farrah Abraham Wants a Spin-Off That Shows Her 'Truth' & 'Growth' -- Haven’t We Already Seen That?

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham needs to get a grip. I'm sorry. To be honest, I don't even think she's a totally bad mom, it seems like she and little Sophia are ridiculous. I just think that as a person, she needs to think about what she really wants for her life. Take the concept of a spin-off, for example. In a recent interview with FOX, the Teen Mom star confessed that yes, a lot of networks want to do a Farrah Abraham spin-off. Her response? She'd do one, under the right circumstances.

"I don't want the same experience I had with the last two shows I did," Farrah said. "I want to show more truth and growth. I'm more about educational value, and if these networks are not about it, then I'll skip it."

Erm. Um. "Truth" and "growth," Farrah? I'm pretty sure watching you as a single mom struggling to raise her daughter and come into her own was about as TRUE as it gets.


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I guess the thing I'm worried about is the kind of truth Farrah wants to get out there. She says she's not a porn star. She says she wants to get out of the public eye a bit and focus on her restaurant. Could a reality show focus on that? I mean, one could. But after seeing some of the publicity stunts the girl's pulled in the last few months (buying that pregnancy test and posing with the "Jesus loves porn stars" sign, for starters) -- I think tame is the last thing viewers would get

Sigh. Is it too much to ask for Farrah to just follow her word, lay low in Austin, and focus on being a mom again? I guess only time will tell.

Would you watch a Farrah Abraham reality spin-off? What would you want to see?


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