'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Season 2 Premiere: 5 Not Stinky Spoilers

honey boo boo familyTake a deep breath, y'all -- the Watch N' Sniff season 2 premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is tonight!! Cause say what you will about Mama June & the gang, you know you've been missing the sketti outta those guys. How could you NOT? But whether or not you've been dragging yourself through life with a Boo Boo-shaped hole in your heart isn't the point. The point is, you're probably all amped up for the whole smell-o-vision gimmick TLC's got planned for the first couple of episodes (and who could blame you?!), but those stinky cards are only the beautimous beginning. Seriously. Get ready to redneckognize!! Here are 5 jaw-dropping moments to watch for:


1. Mama June takes all her daughters’ cellphones away to punish them for not doing their chores ... and hides them in an empty Cheese Balls tub.

2. The girls go on a fascinating under-the-couch treasure hunt for ... "buttwipes" and corn kernels. (Get a whiff of THAT!)

3. The family makes their very own indoor Slip 'n' Slide by pouring oil on the kitchen floor, "dressing" in plastic garbage bags, and covering themselves in butter

4. After getting a late-night phone call about a run-over hog on the side of the road, the Boo Boos take it home, skin it, cook it, and ... eat it. (After Alana names it "Logan.")

5. Mama June gets trapped in a go-kart, necessitating a rescue by two -- no, three -- workers. 

Mmm, the sweet smell of ... buttwipes?!

Are you planning to watch the season 2 premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Image via TLC

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