Robert Pattinson's Sexy Blond Co-Star Is the Perfect Kristen Stewart Replacement

Sarah GadonUh-oh, it sure looks like it's time for the rumor mill to start churning again. Robert Pattinson was spotted with Sarah Gadon in Toronto -- his beautiful blond co-star in the upcoming movie he's filming there, Maps to the Stars.

I know, I know -- they're working together, so it only makes sense for them to be seen in each other's company. The two of them hanging out doesn't necessarily mean a romance is brewing. (Yet.)

But here's an interesting little tidbit to consider -- this isn't the first time Rob and Sarah have co-starred in a flick.


Remember Cosmopolis? Yeah, Sarah was in that movie with Rob too. And oddly enough, she made a point of saying that she "kept her distance from Rob" during filming because she knew he was all hot and heavy with Kristen Stewart.

Do you see what I'm getting at, here? Yep, that's right -- Sarah doesn't have KStew standing in her way anymore, so she's free to get all up in Rob's face and be as close to him as she damn well pleases. (She's got nothing to lose, so why not?)

And based on how hard Rob fell for Kristen when they were filming the Twilight Saga, it wouldn't exactly be a huge surprise if he became enamored with another female co-star. Plus, he's very far from L.A. and his rumored rebound girl, Riley Keough -- so there's a good chance he's about ready to dip his toes back into the dating pool.

And what better place to get back in the saddle than with a gorgeous blond who he'll just happen to be spending the majority of his time with?

I give it about two more weeks before these two are rumored to be madly in love living in a rented Toronto pad with a white picket fence and a baby on the way. (Or something.)

Do you think Rob will wind up dating Sarah?


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