Emma Roberts Arrested After Bloody Brawl With Boyfriend Evan Peters

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts Here's one we didn't see coming at all. Emma Roberts, 22 (the niece of Julia Roberts), was arrested recently on domestic violence charges against her boyfriend Evan Peters, 26.

According to TMZ, it happened on July 7 at a hotel in Montreal. Other guests called the police after hearing the noise, and when officers arrived, they found Peters, who stars in American Horror Story, with a bloody nose and bite marks. Awful.


No one is sure exactly what happened in that room but Peters and Roberts themselves. It must have been pretty intense, however, to get to that level. Emma was released just hours after her arrest, as Evan apparently didn't want to press charges, but it's still frightening to think of things getting that heated between them.

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A source told TMZ they were both hitting each other, but it was Emma who was arrested because Peters had the obvious physical injuries. The source also said that Emma did not bite him. Regardless of who was doing the hitting and/or biting, it sends up some huge red flags for this relationship. While we can hope it's a one-time incident, we also know that domestic violence can easily become a vicious cycle.

They've been dating since they met on the set of Adult World in the spring of last year. Peters recruited her to American Horror Story, and both were cast for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Coven

The good news for fans -- the source says Roberts and Peters have made up, and they're working together on the show just fine. Hopefully their reconciliation is good news for both of them too in the long run.

Are you shocked that Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence?


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