Miley Cyrus' See-Through Dress Is So Revealing It Will Make You Blush

Miley CyrusWell, it finally happened -- I'm speechless, y'all. Honestly, there really are no words to describe this photo of Miley Cyrus in a black see-through dress, which is so transparent, it's hard to understand why she even bothered getting dressed in the first place.

I mean, her boobs are on full display, to the point that it's pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing to look at her. She was on the right track when she showed up in the conservative-looking Chanel frock for her Good Morning America appearance -- but couldn't she have at least considered wearing a bra to appear on national television?

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Don't worry, someone obviously noticed, because she wound up changing into an outfit that bared her midriff, not her breasts, for the actual show. (Whew!)


Oh, Miley -- what's the deal with always having to be half naked or have some sort of body part exposed? You're young. And cute. And really, really famous -- and you don't need to put your private parts on display to make people pay attention to you.

And I know her boobs are still perky so she can still get away with not wearing a bra at certain times -- but it's not preferable to do it when the dress you happen to be wearing clings to you like glue.

I want to like Miley. I really do. And I want to believe that there really is a nice, down-to-earth, wholesome girl underneath the funky, revealing exterior she seems to have a habit of putting out there. 

But if she doesn't do herself a favor and go bra shopping sometime in the near future, her image is only going to go further and further down the drain.

Why do you think Miley refuses to put on a bra?


Image via Splash

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