Justin Bieber Accused of Spitting in ANOTHER Man's Face

Justin Bieber

Uh-oh, people. The plot thickens. Just a week after a video of him peeing into a restaurant mop bucket surfaced, Justin Bieber has been accused of spitting on a DJ while at a club in Ohio over the weekend.

The man in question says that he was approached by two of Justin's bouncers, who believed he was taking pictures of the Biebs with his cellphone. And since the club is one of those 21 and over joints and Justin is only 19, pics of him being there definitely wouldn't be a good thing.

The bouncers allegedly grabbed the DJ's phone and began looking for the photos in question, and even though they did not find any, they still told Justin they believed he was snapping pictures. That's when all hell (maybe) broke loose.


The accuser told TMZ Justin approached him and added, "He called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something ... and spit in my face."


Want to hear the best part? This dude apparently got tested for hepatitis because he believed the Biebs has contaminated spit or something like that. (He checked out just fine. Turns out contracting hepatitis from saliva is highly unlikely.)

Ok, so did this really happen or not? A source from Justin's camp makes it seem like this dude was making the whole thing up -- and basically says he ripped off the story from another time the Biebs was accused of spitting in someone's face. (Yep. This isn't the first alleged spitting incident.)

Huh. Seems kind of strange for someone to recycle an accusation like that, doesn't it?

Sadly, if what this man says is true and Justin really did spit on him, I can't say I'm all that surprised. He seems to have a thing about spreading bodily fluids around in public right now. If you couple that with getting into fights and his recent outlandish behavior, you've got yourself a recipe for him flying off the handle.

But let's keep our fingers crossed that this story is false. The thought of accidentally being hit by Bieber's spit while trying to enjoy a night out on the town isn't very appealing.

Do you think Justin really spit at this dude?


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