Kate Middleton & Royal Baby's First Portrait Is Just Plain Creepy (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton royal baby portraitThe royal baby and mama Kate Middleton have already been immortalized on canvas! Spanish artist Kaya Mar dropped off his rather bizarre masterpiece at St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing, where the future prince or princess is expected to be born.

Ah, but I know what you're thinking. How do you paint the portrait of a baby who isn't even here yet?


For Mar, that was pretty simple. He made Kate into a breastfeeding Madonna, complete with a giant halo around her head. Either he missed the whole debacle over whether or not the Duchess will breastfeed or he didn't care. I'm leaning toward option number two. 

Mar is just trying to get attention, and, well, he succeeded with one of the strangest baby portraits I think I've ever seen. Just look at it!

Come on Moms, is this what you'd want to gaze at to remember your time with baby?

What about the baby's, ahem, face? Breastfeeding is beautiful, but that's what a photograph is for. For an official portrait, you want to see what they look like!

Of course, that's not the only problem with this particular picture of the Duchess and her munchkin. The crown on the royal baby's head makes this look less like a sweet scene between mother and baby and more clownish. And Kate's troll body would surely crumble on those stick legs.

The best part of this portrait is the dog! He's rather adorable.

Maybe Mar should stick to pet pictures from now on?

Hopefully Kate and Wills get a REAL portrait done once the baby arrives ... one they wouldn't mind hanging in Windsor Castle.

What do you think of the first royal portrait of the royal baby?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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