Jenny McCarthy Joins 'The View': 6 Reasons She's the Ultimate New Co-Host

jenny mccarthy the viewCan you believe The View has been on TV since 1997?! Crazy! Back then, Jenny McCarthy was still hosting Singled Out on MTV! But times have changed, and now, the former Playboy Bunny has been confirmed as a new permanent co-host, joining the show when its 17th season begins September 9. Adios, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar! Helloooo, Jenny!

It bears noting that some viewers aren't keen on the choice for various reasons -- including Jenny's controversial anti-vaccine stance -- but I'd argue those are probably the reasons she's going to be exactly the fresh breath of air the show could use! Here, six reasons Jenny's the perfect addition to The View ...

  1. She has the experience. Believe it or not -- Jenny has appeared on the show 17 times, including eight as co-host.
  2. She can focus on The View, now that VH1 is throwing in the towel on her late night talk show. The Jenny McCarthy Show, which aired from February to May, didn't do so well ratings-wise. (And I'd venture to guess that had more to do with the fact that no one really knew about it and VH1 isn't exactly known for its late night programming vs. Jenny as a talk show host.) Although it was "on hiatus," the network has now released her from her contract, so all of her TV energy can be devoted to daytime talk!
  3. She'll offer a welcome "single & dating mom" perspective. We can hear all about her dating life (New Boy Toy on the Block Donnie Wahlberg?!).
  4. She's bold and outspoken. I'm pretty sure Jenny can hold her own when addressing even the most "OMG" topics -- from sex to drugs to politics. 
  5. She's opinionated. Jenny's never held back from letting her true feelings be known, even if they sometimes incite ...
  6. Controversy! Already, tongues are wagging that she's a poor choice for The View because it will give her a "huge platform from which to air her well-known belief that childhood vaccines cause autism." Ah well! Elisabeth Hasselbeck had the very same platform to air some unpopular beliefs, but she was on the show for nearly 10 years!

What do you think about Jenny joining The View?


Image via ABC

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