Farrah Abraham Latest 'Playboy' Gaffe Is Just Laughable

Farrah AbrahamWord on the street has it that Farrah Abraham, once a Teen Mom, now a porn star, is hopping mad after the allegations that she asked Playboy if she could pose for them and they turned her down. The "star" took to Twitter to defend herself, saying she never asked and would only do so for money.

Yeah, because they are beating down her door. Delusional, much? Farrah is such a liar (that was no "personal sex tape," honey!) that I wouldn't believe her story about not asking them anyway, but even if I would, the reality is Playboy isn't exactly seeking her out.

After all, we have seen it all. Farrah tweeted this to her fans:


Really laughing at all the blog lie drama about Playboy, for the record ‘I never reached out’ nor do I care, if it happens they can pay up:)

The truth is, her entire body has already been marketed, packaged, and sold. Why would Playboy want to show us something we can see for $4.95 on the Vivid site?

Playboy is all about either ingenues we have never seen or big stars we have always wanted to see. Farrah is more of a Hustler girl. Or maybe even Penthouse when it was still around.

It's actually kind of sad. Whether fame went to her head or her head was always this messed up, she clearly has a messed up sense of just HOW in demand she is and WHY. People want to see her because she is a hot mess. These aren't "fans." These are people who want to laugh at her.

No, Farrah, you have no shot with Playboy, whether you contact them or not. You are an attractive girl, but you have overplayed your hand. Let it go. Stop mentioning it. You are embarrassing yourself.

Do you think Farrah would ever get Playboy?


Image via Vivid Entertainment

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