'True Blood' Renewed! 7 Reasons Why Season 7 Could Be the Best Yet

eric and pamOkay, Trubies/Truebies/True-bies/Trubees, are you sitting down? Probably that's a stupid question I guess, because who really stands up and reads stuff like this? Although I suppose you could be standing in line at Starbucks right now ... or maybe riding the train at rush hour when all the seats are taken ... or maybe you're trying out that weird "stand at your desk" thing some people seem to think is a good idea ... anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Guess what about True Blood? The show actually got renewed -- RENEWED! -- for another season! Season 7 of True Blood is a go, you guys!! Are you shocked?? Of course you are; that's why I asked if you were sitting down!! You're shocked because, to be perfectly frank, True Blood season 6 has been pretty rough ... up until super recently, that is. 


In fact, the past couple of episodes have reminded us of that major mojo True Blood had going on way back when we were just getting to know Bon Temps and its crazy soup of supes. Here are 7 reasons why we think season 7 of True Blood might just be its best yet (or at least worth watching). 

1. Storylines seem to be a bit less all over the place. Here's an example: Last season, we had to suffer through that whole Terry battling the fire monster thing ... this season, Terry seems to be on his way out. (Which I don't want to happen, because I LOVE TERRY! Jussayin'.)

2. Warlow is turning out to be a pretty cool character after all. Way hotter/more interesting than the fanged Captain Jack Sparrow we were 'specting.

3. Eric. Effing. Northman.

4. Sookie is getting progressively less annoying, woo-hoo!

5. Speaking of pleasantly surprising characters, Bill/Billith isn't quite as insufferable as we were 'specting either.

6. The "stakes" are higher than ever. Not the through-the-heart kind of stakes -- we're talking about fever pitch emotional plots (Eric and Pam facing off?!). Be still our undead hearts!

7. Alcide still (presumably) has a gym membership. Or whatever. I don't know what he does to keep that six-pack a-packin', but he's still at it, so woo-hoo!

Whaddya think?

Are you looking forward to season 7 of True Blood?

Image via HBO

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