Bruce & Kris Jenner 'Live Separately' but His New Escape Is Much Better Than the Garage

Bruce Jenner beach houseWhoa -- have you seen photos of Bruce Jenner's Malibu beach house yet? It's pretty darn swanky. But then again, I guess luxury is what you'd expect from a Malibu pad that rents for $14,500 per month. (Dang. Must be nice to have that much disposable income lying around.)

If you follow Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then you're well aware that Bruce decided to find a second home because he and Kris Jenner agreed that he needed a man cave where he could go and relax and have his own space. Oh yeah, and living with Kim Kardshian and baby North probably would've been a bit cramped. And since he wound up with a four-bedroom, three-bath home complete with a private beach and amazing views, I'd say odds are good that he's more than happy retreating to his "hole" whenever he feels like it.


And even though there are probably a lot of people who figure Bruce and Kris are having troubles in their marriage, which is what led to him renting out a second home -- this little move is actually pretty genius.

There's no way two people can live together 24/7 for all those years without feeling a bit annoyed and smothered by each other, so maintaining two separate spaces makes quite a bit of sense. Think about it for a second -- don't you appreciate your husband a little more after he's been away on business for a week or two? You know, after you've had the house all to yourself, been able to watch what you want to watch on TV, and not be woken up in the middle of the night by snoring?

Any normal human being needs and craves a little bit of space here and there. If you happen to be as well off as Kris and Bruce and can afford two houses, why not go ahead and splurge?

But something tells me Bruce got the better end of the deal here. If I were Kris, I'd kick him out of there and turn that beach house into a woman cave instead.

Would you and your husband rent out a second home if you could afford it?


Image via Trulia

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