Kate Middleton's 5 Most Unforgettable Eye Makeup Moments (PHOTOS)

kate middletonOver the past few years, Kate Middleton's look has evolved. The Duchess' eyebrows have changed. Her hair is different. She's even slimmed down a bit since getting engaged (not that she needed to). But one thing that's always remained a constant is her signature kohl-rimmed eyes. Kate Middleton loves her some eyeliner, and if I do say so myself, it loves her right back.

Check out 5 of Kate Middleton's most gorgeous eyeliner looks. And don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in the bathroom, taking a pencil to your lids.

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

  • Engagement Eyeliner




    The moment the world fell in love with Kate Middleton -- and her eyeliner. In Will and Kate's famous engagement photo, the Duchess, then a mere commoner, opted for very minimal makeup overall, but really defined her eyes. Nice choice. Makes her eyes really stand out.

  • A Softer Side of Eyeliner


    During a visit to Bacon's College with Prince William and Prince Harry, Kate opted for a softer, more blended eyeliner look, as opposed to her usual, more defined eye. Love it. And love this close-up. Ladies, take notes.

  • Summer Liner


    You know how when you're tan, you feel like you can be a little more daring, makeup-wise? Seems like Kate has the same philosophy. Her liner appears to be a bit darker than usual here, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a mini cat-eye she has going on?

  • Shadow + Liner = Goodness


    Looks like Kate opted for a touch of gray shadow here with her signature black liner. Gorgeous. The perfect way to mix things up.

  • Wedding Eyeliner


    You didn't think I wasn't going to include Kate's makeup job at the royal wedding, did you? Whether it's your favorite look of the Duchess' or not, there's no denying, everything about Kate was iconic this day -- including her eyeliner. And word on the street is she did it herself. That's impressive for anyone on their wedding day.

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