'Mad Men' Season 7: Is Peggy Destined to Step Into Don's Shoes?

mad men looking out don's window season 6 finaleEver since we last saw Peggy Olson in Don's office in the Mad Men season 6 finale, admitting she was there because that's "where everything is," we've wondered if the now pants-wearing creative is moving on up. As in right into Don's shoes! After all, she did swivel her chair toward the window in silhouette in that Draper-esque manner, and Matthew Weiner did admit after the finale aired that "it was a deliberate choice to put her in that pantsuit and it was a deliberate choice to put her in Don's office." So what does that mean for Peggy in Mad Men's season 7?

Elisabeth Moss has opened up a bit about what she knows. Here, the top five clues the actress has shared about what's next for Peggy when Mad Men returns ...


5. Whatever is in store for Peggy is even better than Moss can imagine. Speaking to Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air, Moss said, "Anything that I think might happen or could guess or envision for her, whatever it is it's going to be better than that. It's going to be more interesting; it's going to be more complex."

4. There's no doubt she's an equal now. Moss admitted, "I love that she's wearing a pants suit [in that last scene]. Yeah, she's wearing pants for the first time in the office, which is a very big moment." Obviously a moment symbolic of being a card-carrying member of what was once an exclusive boys' club at the beginning of the decade.

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3. She could easily give Don a run for his money ... and position. Moss clearly knows more than she's letting on, as she explains that last scene for Peggy in season 6, "But it's, you know, for the audience obviously it's a big kind of tongue-in-cheek hint. And then she sort of sits down in the chair, and you see the back of the head, a very Don Draper moment. And it's a nice little tease." Why on earth would Weiner use that kind of imagery if he wasn't trying to plant the seed that Peggy's on track to "become Don"? Moss even admitted to Vulture, "You know, she’s sitting behind Don’s desk in his office — there’s literally nothing I can say about it without being more obvious! It is what it is!"

2. But let's be clear: She can't just be the female version of Don Draper. Moss tells Vulture, "I like this idea of Peggy’s journey getting to a place -- and I hope to see it in Season 7 -- I hope to see her get to a place where she is her own person with her own style, not copying a man."

1. What's "nice" for Peggy may not be the way things end for her at the end of the series. Moss admits, "I think there's what would be nice for Peggy, personally, and there’s what’s gonna be good dramatically for the show. I think Peggy’s first love is her work and always will be, and that can create problems in your personal life. As an actress, I love that about her. I’m sure Peggy doesn’t like it very much!"

What do you think season 7 holds for Peggy Olson?



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