Jennifer Aniston Enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's Wedding Cuz It Wasn't Her Own

jennifer aniston justin therouxHalle Berry wasn't the only celeb to get hitched this weekend. Jimmy Kimmel wed his longtime girlfriend Molly McNearney in Ojai, California on Saturday in front of the couple's star-studded guest list, which included Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Gabourey Sidibe, as well as another famous couple who are rumored to be planning their own Big Day -- Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

A source says the two visited the Hacienda Shop at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and "were the nicest, sweetest people and were completely relaxed." Well, yeah! It wasn't THEIR wedding.


Don't get me wrong. Of course you can be "completely relaxed" on your wedding day. We all strive to be, and sometimes it's possible -- at least at various points throughout the day. But oh man, is it easier to be when you're at someone else's wedding! When you're not supposed to be doing XYZ according to the timeline or fielding requests for entree changes at the last minute or dealing with frantic calls from a florist who needs to swap out your peonies for garden roses or, well, simply entertaining your guests.

As beautiful and awesome and wonderful as a wedding can be, sometimes it can be even more romantic to attend one that's not your own. It's no wonder sources report that Jen and Justin "seemed very happy and in love." They go on to say:

She had her hand on Justin's knee for most of the ceremony and was intently listening. At one point, she put her arm around Justin's neck and then put on her reading glasses and glanced at the wedding program.

Another insider says that later, the couple "leisurely strolled into the [reception] tent together with their arms wrapped tight around each other's lower backs. Jen rested her head on Justin's shoulder as they emerged from the quiet pathway."

So sweet. But not exactly unsurprising. Hello, Jimmy and Molly's wedding clearly gave them an excuse to time-out from stressful centerpiece choosing and back awaaaaay from seating chart hell to revel in their friends' joy. They didn't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the open bar and mini sliders and dancing the night away. I'd hope they could bring that carefree vibe into their own "I do"s ... but if they can't, they are so not alone!

Were you able to relax at all during your own wedding? Do you agree it's easier to kick back and be romantic with your partner when you're guests?

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