Pippa Middleton Takes a Huge Risk in Black 'Wedding Dress'

Pippa MiddletonMan. Leave it to Pippa Middleton to wear black to a summer wedding and manage to look fashionable and turn heads in the process. Kate Middleton's stylish sister turned up in the dark-colored frock for Chanel ambassador Caroline Sieber and Fritz von Westenholz's wedding in Vienna this past weekend, and from the looks of it, Pippa appears to have done her own hair for the event.

She may be directly related to the royals, but she's definitely not a fussy gal.

Hmm. Wearing all black in the middle of summer for a wedding, of all events? How did she manage to pull that off?


For starters, it sounds like the wedding had two parts going on, as Pippa chose a coral dress and then later changed into the more formal black gown. (Geez. It's tough enough to find one suitable outfit, let alone two.)

But regardless of how formal a wedding is, you can get away with wearing black, as long as you're smart about it and don't look too conservative, like you're attending a funeral as opposed to celebrating two people vowing to spend forever together.

The main thing that stands out about Pippa's black gown is that it has quite a bit of flair to it -- especially with the sheer part around the shoulders and the detail on the body of the dress. It gives it an element of fun and whimsy instead of being all business and monotone looking.

And even though she chose a long gown since this was a very formal reception, it's almost like the dress had two sections, making it look less stuffy.

Back to her hair and how, well -- normal it looks. Honestly, it appears as though she grabbed an elastic right off her wrist and put it on top of her head, not like she spent an hour in front of the mirror making sure every hair was perfectly in place. By going the simple route with her hair, she made the overall outfit look relaxed yet pretty.

Soooo, what's the general rule of thumb we can learn from Pippa as far as getting away with wearing black at a summer wedding? Make sure the dress has a little extra pizzazz to it, and don't go nuts with the hot rollers and hairspray. Follow those tips and you should be good to go.

Have you ever worn black to a wedding?


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