Prince William Is on Standby for Royal Baby's Birth

prince william Since last weekend, Prince William has had a hired helicopter stationed near his home on Anglesey in Wales in case the royal baby were to arrive early while he's on Royal Air Force duty. But now the logistics of being right by Kate Middleton's side when she goes into labor seem to have gotten a bit more complicated.

Wills has reportedly been with Kate at Kensington Palace's Nottingham Cottage in West London since Wednesday. A source tells Us Weekly, "He returned to London after a long shift in Anglesey." But tomorrow, he's set to play in a charity polo match tomorrow, Sunday, July 14, according to a Kensington Palace official, and on Monday, he's expected to go back to Anglesey for work. Oof.


All the while, Kate's offiiclal due date still seems to be a matter of contention. U.S. press has reported that the due date was July 11, while U.K. press insists it's today, July 13. Either way, who knows when the baby will arrive? As as rep for the royal couple says, "Babies come when they want to, so we will see!"

Yes, we shall! And in the meantime, Prince William will be on standby, waiting and watching, from either Kensington Palace, the Cirencester Park Polo Club, which is 94 miles away from central London, Angesley -- or somewhere inbetween!

A royal source tells the U.K.'s Mirror:

The entire family are on tenterhooks. Above all though it’s a very exciting time for the couple and every effort has been made to make sure the birth goes smoothly. William is dedicated to his work but he was absolutely determined to make it, no matter the distance. It is a momentous time, not just for the Duke and Duchess as a couple welcoming their first child into the world, but for the future of the monarchy as a whole.

Sounds like regardless of his whereabouts, we can rest assured that whenever the baby is on its way, the royal father-to-be will be prepared to drop whatever it is he's doing to get to his wife's side for the birth of their firstborn. 

What kinds of hoops did your guy have to jump through to be by your side when you went into labor?


Image via Robert Payne/Wikimedia

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