Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Take Naps With Baby North -- Isn't That Cute?

kim kardashianThis just in: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take naps with baby North. As in, they all gather 'round some place comfortable, lie down, close their eyes, and enter a slumber together as a family unit. They're trailblazers, I tell you! Never in history have mothers and fathers napped with their babies! Where did they come up with this? This has to be the brainchild of Kris Jenner. No way did Kim and Kanye think of this on their own!


A source close to Kim told Us Weekly: "Kanye, Kim, and North always take naps together. The three of them cuddle and just hang out." Heard it here first, guys. Unless you read this in Us Weekly, in which case -- what are you doing reading the same story twice?

No, in all seriousness, there are few things more amazing than taking a nap with your newborn baby. But let me tell you, K and K, the ease and peacefulness of it doesn't last all that long -- so enjoy it while you can.

When babies are teeny-tiny, they're willing to pretty much sleep anywhere, anytime. But the older they get, the more wiggly they become. And the more particular they get about their environment. My husband and I used to take naps with our daughter on our bed all the time when she was itty-bitty. But once she learned how to roll over, it all came to an end. When it was time for sleep, the girl wanted to be in her crib with no one else around. We even tried to pull the crib into our room a few times, but she wasn't having it. But hey, maybe baby North will be different, guys.

Anyway, I don't know about you, but this awesome napping story was exactly what I needed to get my weekend going. It was interesting, funny, even a little inspirational. So, thanks, Kimye (and baby North, too!) for managing to thrill me even when you're completely absent from the public eye. Loveyoumeanit.

Did you take naps with your baby?


Image via Guise Archives/Flickr

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