Jenelle Evans Gives a Hysterical Excuse for Living With Another Dude While Still Married

jenelle evansOne thing you've gotta give Teen Mom Jenelle Evans credit for: The woman does not run out of excuses. Ever. Jenelle recently said that, although she's currently living with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith while technically still married to Courtland Rogers, she's not committing adultery because Courtland cheated first.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was just as happy as the next guy to see Jenelle and Courtland part ways -- they're one of history's worst couples. And if she wants to be with someone else right now, that's fine. She and Rogers are estranged. But is she really using the ol' "he did it first" excuse. What is this, second grade?


Jenelle need not paint herself as the "scorned woman" here. Because she's not. Yeah, Courtland may have cheated first, but if Jenelle actually gave a rat's ass, she would have "mourned" their relationship first, as opposed to diving head-first into a new relationship. In fact, I'm guessing Jenelle was thrilled Courtland cheated, because that way, she was off the hook for anything she did afterwards.

I couldn't help but let out the most audible of sighs when I read Jenelle's tweet on the whole sitch. She wrote: "It's not a sin if one spouse has been unfaithful. CR was unfaithful and we r separated." First of all, easy there with the Bible talk, killer. And second of all, stop making excuses. Yes, what Courtland did was really, really wrong -- and he's one of the world's biggest trashballs -- but don't get it twisted, Jenelle. His wrong doesn't make you right.

What do you think of this?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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