'Golden Sisters' Twerking Miley Cyrus Style Show Super-Hip Grannies Can Work It! (VIDEO)

golden sisters watch miley twerkRemember when Miley Cyrus first fascinated us all by donning a unicorn costume and making a bizarro twerking video? Whether she did it cuz she was bored, plain ol' fame-whorin', or desperately trying to get fiance Liam Hemsworth's attention is no matter. The crazy clip went all sorts of viral, and somehow, four months later, people are still talking about it ... People like "The Golden Sisters," who last year became known web-wide for their hilarious commentary of Kim Kardashian's sex tape and, as a result, scored a reality show of their own on Oprah's network! They're awesome!

The "Sisters" -- 82-year-old Mary Bartnicki, 74-year-old Josie Cavaluzzi, and 74-year-old Teresa Dahlquist -- were recently taped watching Miley's video ... and then proceeding to try twerking themselves! And yeah, it's actually even funnier than it sounds.

Check it out ...



Haaa, I love that they are at once shocked and impressed with Miley, because that's pretty much the universal reaction, right? Also, forget the Watusi! The Golden Sisters are gettin' down with their sexy selves!! Clearly, they proved that you do not necessarily need a "young ass" to twerk. An "old ass" wiggles just as well, maybe even better, especially with the right backing track and a little bit of practice! Even Miley tweeted her praise for 'em: "Granny with a booty almost got it on da wiggle wiggle wiggle. ." Ha, love it!

How hilarious is this? Have you tried twerking?


Image via TMZ

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