Kate Middleton Gets Her Own Reserved Parking Spot at the Supermarket

reserved parkingThe perks of being a royal are seemingly endless. Sure you have to spend your time shaking thousands of hands, smiling while wearing killer heels, and living under constant heavy guard. But check this out -- Kate Middleton gets a VIP reserved parking spot at her local grocery store. Kate, you were the envy of many when you married the Prince. But this? Now you are the envy of all womankind. (And many a dad as well.)

A supermarket in Llangefni near Kate and Will's home in Anglesey, Wales has just painted in a special parking space for the expecting couple. It's labeled "HRH Reserved" with a little crown-wearing family painted in. It's got to be the cutest reserved parking space I've ever seen. And -- is that not the best baby gift you've ever heard of?


A supermarket spokesperson told Us Weekly:

To celebrate the impending birth of Prince William and Kate's baby, we decided, with the Llangefni store being their local, that we would reserve a parking space especially for them. Kate has been spotted in the store a few times so we wanted to make life a bit easier for her. We also wanted to do something a bit different and special to celebrate the new arrival.

How sweet -- they noticed Kate shops there! I'm joking. Of course they would have noticed Kate shopping at their store. I'm sure it's a big to-do every time she shows up. But it's still a kind gesture. And with Prince William putting in his notice with the Royal Air Force, he'll be around a lot more, too. 

Can you imagine having your own reserved parking space at the supermarket? Obviously it would be right near the front, of course. You'd just pull up whenever you want to, and no long, dreary walks across the broiling hot asphalt with all your groceries after shopping. No fighting over parking spaces. No hovering while someone else spends forever loading their car and fiddling with the radio. 

SIGH! Let's all just fantasize about that for a half hour or so. And then, it's back to real life and the usual struggles for us commoners. Now where did I put that jeweled tiara of mine?

Would you love a reserved parking space just for you at the supermarket?


Image via RichardBH/Flickr

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