See How Kate Middleton's Eyebrows Have Changed Over the Years (PHOTOS)

kate middletonKate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has undergone her fair share of physical changes from the time she started dating Prince William to now. All of them have been subtle, but perhaps none quite as undetectable as her eyebrow evolution. Sounds silly, I know, but the Duchess' eyebrows are a defining feature of hers, and over the years, they have changed shape quite a bit -- but not so much that it's really obvious.

Check out Kate Middleton's eyebrow evolution. And don't be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to break out your tweezers.

Images via Splash

  • Not as Defined


    Okay, so this isn't the world's closest shot of Kate Middleton, but notice how Kate's brows aren't very defined in this photo. You don't look at her and immediately go to her eyebrows.

  • A Bit Unruly


    Kate has been blessed with naturally gorgeous brows, but you'll notice, although more "noticeable" here, they're not quite as groomed -- and they haven't been dyed yet.

  • A Little Kardashian


    Okay, now Kate's worked on her brows a bit -- but perhaps a skosh too much. Kate still looks gorgeous here, but her eyebrows actually look a little too groomed. They're almost akin to Kim Kardashian's here. Almost.

  • Getting Somewhere


    Now Kate's eyebrows look more similar to how they famously look now. They're groomed, but not in an obvious, "too waxed" way. Still no dye job yet.

  • Dye Job




    That's what I'm talking about! There are the famously dark brows we all know and love.

  • Transformation Complete


    Slightly more bushy towards the bridge of the nose and a little thinned out at the corner of the eye. The famous brows we know and love.

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