Alexander Skarsgard Is Single. I Repeat, Alexander Skarsgard Is Single.

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Are you happy? Maybe a little bit? Maybe not enough. Maybe NOT AT ALL. That sucks, but check it: Starting now, you gonna be HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY. All the livelong day, and do you know why?? Because I was right. I WAS RIGHT!!! About the very most important thing there ever was to be right about, which is ... ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. IS. NOT. DATING. ELLEN PAGE!!! 

Now that whole Thai food incident makes sense, eh?? (I told you. I did, I really did.) Anyway. Maybe they should have cast Alexander Skarsgard as The Lone(ly) Ranger instead of that baking soda guy. EH?! Um, but back to my point about ASkars and that irrelevant chick being a non-issue: Alexander Skarsgard said so his damn self! As he recently told OK! Magazine's German edition:


"Ellen Page und ich sind nur Freunde."

AHAHAHA! You don't speak German, do you? Here, you non-German speaker:

"Ellen and I are friends. If I was really dating every woman I've been linked to, I would never be out of bed!"

"Besides, dating actresses is hard. They usually don't have time for things like that. When they do have time, then it's me who's standing in front of a camera somewhere else. Also, I don't treat a new film set as an opportunity to score some dates!"

See, see?? There you have it. Short people got no reason to live. Wait, chill! It's a song, okay?? A SONG ... about ELLEN PAGE. NO NO! Kidding, I swear. But the part about Alexander Skarsgard and that small girl not dating really is true. As far as we know. I mean, I guess he could be lying just to get people like me to shut the hell up, but I bet he's telling the truth. Because that's what Swedish people do. I think. Somebody said that once. YAY!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is telling the truth about not dating Ellen Page?


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