Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Sadistic King Joffrey With a Puppy ... We Dare You! (VIDEO)

JoffreyGame of Thrones season 4 seems to be eons away. It sucks. It's sad. It's torturous. But there's one universal truth that all fans can agree on: King Joffrey is THE WORST. Played oh so skillfully and amazingly by Jack Gleeson, he's the character that everyone loves to hate. Any time he opens his mouth, it's cringe-worthy. Some of the gems he's uttered throughout the show:

"You can't talk to me like that. The king can do as he likes!"

"I am the king! I will punish you!"

"I'm going to give you a present. After I raise my armies, and kill your traitor brother, I'll give you his head as well."

"You let my father die. You're too old to protect anybody."

Like, THE WORST. So, after watching this video of Joffrey, I mean, Jack, damnit, with a puppy, there's only one takeaway from it: Massive confusion.


Here it is:

Like, that's adorable! Wait. That word can never be used to describe Joffrey, er, Jack. It just can't. What is going on. Did the universe just implode? Hell, is it frozen? A cute video of King Joffrey with a puppy? Shoot, now is definitely the time to rewatch Game of Thrones so I can reaffirm my searing hatred for this fictional character. There is no way my mind will wrap itself around the idea of Joffrey being awwwww-worthy. I can't do it.

Still, though, I kind of kept waiting for him to bust out a bow and arrow and kill the thing. Didn't you?

What do you think of King Joffrey being all cute with a cute puppy? Is your mind blown too?


Image via HBO

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