Royal Baby Watch 2013: Everything You Need to ‘Camp Out for Kate’

tentAny day now, people! No, strike that -- any second. The Royal Baby could be born at any moment, and we need to be ready. How ready? Nancy Campopiano ready. The Mother and Baby magazine intern is camping out at St. Mary's Hospital where Kate Middleton is expected to spawn the royal babe. She's got a bright orange tent set up and everything. "We want to be the first to break this news," Campopiano says. And she probably will be.

But what about you? What are you doing there at home, reading this online? Shouldn't you be on a plane right now, on your way to camp out at the hospital as well? Don't you want to be the second or third to know? Because it's still within your grasp. You just need a few simple supplies.


Everything You Need to Camp Out for Royal Baby Watch 2013

  1. Bright orange pup tent.
  2. Powerful telescopic camera lens.
  3. Three or four cases of Red Bull in case the action happens at night.
  4. Night vision camera equipment.
  5. Waterproof British flag.
  6. Wellies.
  7. Adult diapers because you can't leave your spot for anything.
  8. Knitting because of course you're making the baby a blanket. (Alternative: Quilting supplies.)
  9. Teeny-tiny crown.
  10. Cash, in case you lose the bet on the baby name/gender.
  11. Recording of "God Save the Queen" by Queen.
  12. Smelling salts for when you first hear the news -- don't want to faint when you should be live Tweeting!
  13. You have your @RoyalBabyWatch Twitter handle set up already, right?
  14. Extra smartphones just in case.
  15. Laptop with generator and hot spot.
  16. Tea.
  17. Stilts.
  18. Body armor to help you compete with the paparazzi.
  19. First-aid kit for after the paparazzi rush.
  20. Scarf. Probably not necessary, but you should never go anywhere, ever, without a scarf.
  21. Earplugs for the cannons.

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Do you think people are just a little too excited about this baby?


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