Khloe Kardashian Defends Lamar Odom After He Freaks Out on Paparazzi Amid Cheating Rumors (VIDEO)

khloe lamar twitpicIn the wake of rumors swirling that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have separated, because he's been cheating on her and Khloe kicked Lamar out when she found out he'd had a year-long affair with a woman named Jennifer Richardson, Lamar went off on paparazzi yesterday. TMZ says a photographer asked Lamar about the cheating scandal, and he initially responded by calmly stating, "I would never cheat on my wife, that's why I wear my wedding ring." But things appear to have rapidly escalated, and at one point, Khloe's hubby allegedly went into the back of a car belonging to a photog and "chucked all of the guy's equipment into the middle of a busy street."

He apparently also smashed a car and a camera, picked up all the gear from the street and put it in his trunk, then in a bizarre time-out, said "cheese" with a fan who had stopped to take a pic with him. There's footage of the freakout, and it is sooo strange!


But before you jump to the conclusion that his angry (defensive?) response confirms the rumors in any way, get this. Khloe's response speaks volumes about what's really going on behind closed doors.

After the confrontation, Khloe tweeted:

This is the same pap that did a hit and run but my brother and I caught him and he has the nerve to taunt us!!! Be ashamed of your self! ... F*** the papz!!!!! You f***ing losers!!!!! But shout out to my hubby for posing with the fans! I love my Lam!

Khloe's clearly proud of him for going after these "stalker" paps. And just in case followers needed further confirmation that she's standing by her husband, another one of Khlo's tweet reads ...

Hehehe I just love my hubby :) "@DASHUniverse: @KhloeKardashian love when your in rant mode!"

Sure, there could be a huge Kris Jenner-masterminded conspiracy at play here, in which Khloe's just covering for her cheatin' man, but I dunno. More likely, I feel like Lamar just lost his temper on the paparazzi who asked him about the cheating gossip, and he and Khloe are totally fed up with being followed and being harangued about their personal business.

While it's not cool that Lamar went Britney 2007 on the paparazzi, I also kinda don't blame him or Khloe for defending themselves and not just being doormats for the gossipmongers making up stories about their marriage. Granted, they've allowed themselves to become a very public couple like it or not, but they still deserve some degree of privacy.

Should be interesting to see what happens from here on out ... One of the photogs has already filed a police report for vandalism. Ack.

Here's the footage TMZ got of the incident ...

What do you make of this freakout? Do you think Khloe standing by her man proves the rumors are false?

Image via Twitter/E!

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