Melissa Gorga Is Actually Mad at Teresa Giudice for Not Sticking Up for Her During Cheating Rumors

melissa gorgaReal Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice really will find any excuse to be pissed at one another or blame each other for anything bad going on in their lives, won't they? Get this. Melissa is mad that Teresa didn't stick up for her while she was being accused of cheating on her husband/Teresa's bro, Joe Gorga. Is this for real? What did Melissa expect? This is the stuff TG dreams are made of.


In case you missed it, in a recent RHONJ ep, Melissa's former friend, Jan DeDolce, told a table of women that she heard that Melissa "bl*w" an ex-boyfriend of hers. Teresa was one of the women sitting at the table, and naturally, she didn't say anything. I say "naturally" because Teresa hates Melissa's guts and vice-versa. I can't stand Teresa, but would Melissa have said anything if the situation were reversed?

Melissa said to Teresa: "No matter how much you can't stomach me, I'm your brother's wife! When you hear an accusation as disgusting as this, that's going to be on national television, how do you not walk away from the table?"

Um, perhaps because she was thrilled to hear something like this? Or perhaps because maybe, like the stripper rumor, she planted this? There are a million reasons Teresa didn't stuck up for Melissa. And a million why Melissa wouldn't stick up for Tre. The fact that Melissa was surprised and chose to get mad at Teresa for not defending her honor is flat out absurd. I feel like I'm acting like president of the Teresa Giudice Fan Club here -- which, believe me, I'm not -- but did Melissa come to Teresa's defense during Joe Giudice's cheating scandal? Hell no she didn't. (Though that would have been hard to defend, as it was pretty cut and dried.)

Anyway, Melissa, you're cray. Be pissed at your "friend", Jan, not Teresa. You and Tre will never get along. It's time to accept that and move on. Peace.

Are you surprised Teresa didn't defend Melissa?

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