Robert Pattinson Apparently Still 'Obsessing' Over Kristen Stewart -- Will It Ever End?

robert pattinsonSo wait, is Robert Pattinson dating Kristen Stewart's pal Riley Keough or not? First, it sounded like he was. Then, reps from Rob's camp claimed that there was no truth to the Rob and Riley story whatsoever. But now there's a rumor swirling around that he is in fact dating Elvis Presley's granddaughter -- yet still obsessing over Kristen Stewart.

A) What the hell is going on? B) STOP OBSESSING OVER KRISTEN, ROB!


Me personally? I kind of don't think Rob and Riley are dating. Not only is the "evidence" that they are shaky at best, Rob just doesn't seem like the kind of man who would date his ex's bestie. Real cool guy.

However, being a devout believer in the ol' where there's smoke, there's fire adage, I do think that there has to be truth to the claim that Rob's still obsessing over Kristen. And if "obsessing" is too strong a word for your taste, can we at least agree on "thinking about"? Rob's definitely still thinking about Kristen. And he needs to stop.

Rob and Kristen aren't meant to be. Sorry, Twihards, but they're not. Yes, they look super pretty together, and if they were to ever have a baby, he or she probably would be on a CGI-level of cuteness. But they're toxic to one another. Plain and simple. We've all been there before. We know we shouldn't be with someone, but we just can't quit them. Yeah. That's Rob with Kristen. He knows they're bad for each other, but it's hard for him to stay away. She's his Achilles.

Then again, there's always the chance that all of this is just hearsay and that Kristen hasn't entered Rob's mind since the day they called it quits. But that's rather doubtful, now isn't it?

Do you think Kristen is invading Rob's most inner thoughts?


Image via anicetus1/Flickr

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