Jenelle Evans Rips Farrah Abraham for Getting Kicked Out of Rehab

jenelle evansForget reality TV or even adult films. Farrah Abraham seems to making a whole new career of feuding with her former Teen Mom co-stars. First, she butted heads with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, and now, Jenelle Evans is dissing Farrah for her stint in rehab. Jenelle tweeted, "At least I can say I've never been kicked out of a rehab. Lol!” Ouch! 

While that's true, fans were quick to jump at Jenelle and remind her that one of her 30-day stays at a treatment facility had to be cut short after just one week. Jenelle's response: "no I completed one before lol ... I completed 30 days in CA." Oookay, sounds like splitting hairs to me. And really, when it comes to Jenelle vs. Farrah, it's nearly impossible to decide which badly behaved Teen Mom is the lesser of two evils. But in this war of words, I can safely say it makes sense to side with ...


Team Jenelle -- at least on this one!

After all, if anyone knows a thing or two about real drug addiction, it's Jenelle. She has more than one measly DUI to her name! She's had serious problems with using hardcore drugs. Not that ANY of that is something to be proud of, but you know, it definitely gives her some insight into what rehab is really about and how uncool it is to not only have to go to rehab, but get KICKED OUT of it.

Back in March she explained her abbreviated stays in rehab:

Didn't complete 30 days of rehab because for one I didn't go to there detoxing off of ANYTHING and went there SOBER. Second I went to a Florida rehab but transferred because it was a NIGHTMARE, lol long story. Once transferring the new facility was very nice and nothing wrong with the staff or patients there. I simply feel as if I didn't need to go to treatment if my problem isn't drugs anymore, and never will be again.

Fair enough. But meanwhile, Farrah seems to be treating rehab as if it's part of a reality show plot she's scripted for her own personal fame gain. In fact, whether or not she's actually battling alcohol addiction is up for debate.

That said, Jenelle -- and anyone who has ever truly battled addiction -- has every right to call her former co-star out. After all, what she appears to be doing is potentially so disingenuous that it's all sorts of shameful.

Whose side are you on in this feud or do they both drive you nuts?


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