Matt Bomer Is Latest Fan Favorite for Christian Grey but Anastasia May Surprise You

Matt BomerWe all have our own opinions about which actor and actress would be absolutely perfect for our favorite Fifty Shades of Grey leading roles. I mean, seriously, at this point, I think it's safe to say that almost every name in Hollywood has been thrown into the ring for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Two names that keep coming back, though? None other than Matt Bomer and Emilia Clarke. A recent poll from reveals that fans think Emilia and Matt are the perfect Ana and Christian. Well, 58 percent of the 40,000 fans they surveyed, anyway.

I don't know, guys. As much as I like both actors individually, I'm not sold on Emilia. I mean, hello -- Matt oozes Christian perfection. In my mind, there are better Anas to play his sexual counterpart. Just sayin'.

Like Alexis Bledel, for instance.


I just think about Matt and Alexis in the two leading roles and it totally reminds me of everything I read in the Fifty Shades series. The way they handle themselves, their mannerisms (especially Alexis' innocence) -- it could be perfect!

Granted, I also wouldn't mind if a few newbies were thrown into the ring. Let's be real, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are roles of a lifetime. Someone fresh could take this on without any preconceived notions about their style, nail it, and forever embody the sexiness of the series.

Hey, to each her own. Realistically it's smarter to catch bigger-named actors because that's what we the fans are hankering after. I certainly wouldn't mind staring at a few too many movie posters with a half-naked Matt Bomer. Not one bit.

Who do you want to play Christian and Ana?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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