‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Will Force Daenerys to Make a Difficult Decision (SPOILERS)

Daenerys TargaryenAre you tired of talking about Game of Thrones season 4 yet? Oh goody, me neither! It's actually kind of one of my favorite things to talk about. Stop looking at me like that.

With the exciting news that filming for season 4 has officially commenced, it's time to really start geeking out. Season 4 should be just as amaaaaazing as season 3, and book fans pretty much know what's coming if they read A Storm of Swords. Now is the time to discuss what is in store for our favorite characters, though of course HBO always throws in a few surprises along the way.

For those of us who have read the books, here's what we could potentially see for fan fave Daenerys Targaryen, who made quite a bit of progress in terms of getting an army and taking over a city last season. Mother of Dragons, will she finally get to Westeros and take on Joffrey? Please let it be so! MASSIVE BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned!


When we last left off, Daenerys acquired 8,000 Unsullied soldiers, who can't feel pain (convenient and badass for an army, right?), and has taken over Yunkai with the help of Barristan Selmy, hottie Daario, and forever faithful Jorah Mormont.

In the latter half of the third book, they travel to Meereen, which is the last great slave city. This is the time that Arstan Whitebeard reveals himself as Barristan Selmy in A Storm of Swords after he saves her from an assassin, but they've already done that in the TV series.

When his true identity is revealed, Selmy delivers some unwelcome news about Jorah. Not sure how they'll spin this since everyone already knows who Selmy is, but he confesses to Dany that Mormont has been sending reports on her movements to Lord Varys, wishing to eventually be pardoned by King Robert and return home.

Poor Daenerys feels insanely betrayed, and rightfully so. Not knowing what else to do after questioning them, she sends them on a mission through the sewers to take over Meereen, pretty much hoping they'd die. They don't, and they take over the city with minimal casualties.

After a heartfelt plea, Dany allows Selmy to rejoin her counsel, while Jorah pretty much shoots himself in the foot by remaining stubborn and claiming he hasn't done anything wrong by her. She is forced to banish him. That scene between these two is gonna be epic. And heartbreaking.

Eventually, with news that the cities she brought freedom to have started to fall apart, she realizes that she would have no idea how to rule Westeros even if she were able to conquer it. She makes it her mission to bring peace to Slaver's Bay. And that's where we leave her when the third novel ends! Should be yet another intense, exciting season for Daenerys.

How do you think Daenerys will find out about Jorah's betrayal? Which scene are you most excited to see?


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