Stacy Keibler May Have Made $10 Million By Dating George Clooney So Don’t Feel Too Sorry for Her

Assuming the widespread rumors are true, Stacy Keibler and George Clooney are splitsville. Some are saying it's because she decided she wanted marriage and kids, some claim it was too difficult for them maintain a long distance relationship. Whatever the real reason behind their breakup, one thing's clear: exactly NONE of us were surprised by it.

Clooney's flings never last more than a couple years, and he couldn't be more up front about the fact that he's not interested in settling down. It seems like the string of young beauties accompanying him to red carpet events and Lake Como outings must be motivated mainly by his charm and prestige -- and maybe by the niggling belief that they can be the one to change him -- but there's another benefit to being Clooney's Temporary Arm Candy that I'd never considered before.

Cold. Hard. Cash.


You totally thought I was going to say something different after "hard," didn't you? You dirty bird.

So here's the thing about dating George Clooney: anyone who serves time as his special lady obviously gets to enjoy all sorts of lifestyle improvements. One day you're serving cocktails in Vegas, the next you're sipping champagne on a luxury yacht in Italy.

You also become an overnight celebrity. I mean, not to be rude, but let's be honest, Stacy Keibler being touted as the belle of the 2013 Oscars ball? Never would have happened if George Clooney wasn't by her side.

Remember Elizebetta Canalis, the Italian actress Clooney was dating before Keibler? During her tenure as his girlfriend, Canalis not only was the Vanity Fair cover girl, she was voted 4th most beautiful woman in the world by Vanity Fair, and 7th most beautiful woman for Maxim.

(Fun fact: Canalis went on to date Jackass personality Steve-O. Whaaaaaaaat?)

Dating Clooney definitely raises your visibility, and for someone like Stacy Keibler, that could translate into major money. According to some recent gossip from Jo Piazza, author of Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, Keibler's paychecks have gone up considerably in the last two years. In fact, a ballpark estimate on her earnings is a whopping $10 million -- thanks to increased appearance fees, sponsored tweets, and endorsement gigs.

Plus, she's got a new gig hosting a Lifetime competition reality show called Supermarket Superstar. That job alone may pay a million or more.

More people recognize Keibler now that she's spent a couple years being associated with Clooney, and increased awareness in Hollywood is almost always a good thing. (I said almost, Lindsay Lohan.) It's amazing that anyone wonders why a woman would hitch her young, fertile wagon to Clooney's forever-a-bachelor star, really. Let's see, they get a couple years of dating a handsome, witty, charming, incredibly wealthy man -- and they get a once-in-a-lifetime chance at fame in the process. Something tells me George Clooney is NEVER going to have trouble finding someone willing to endure such hardships.

Do you think it's true that Clooney's girlfriends benefit careerwise from being associated with him, however briefly?

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