Justin Bieber Caught Peeing Into Restaurant Mop Bucket -- But Wait, It Gets Worse

Justin BieberUgh. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. TMZ has obtained a video of Justin Bieber peeing into a restaurant mop bucket, all while laughing with a couple of pals about how wild and crazy he is.

Apparently the video was shot sometime earlier this year at a nightclub in New York City -- and I guess we should assume that the Biebs couldn't locate a restroom before wetting his pants, which is why he opted to pee in a bucket.

Let me reiterate that his toilet of the moment was a mop bucket -- as in the mop that's used to clean the floors of the place. (Gag. Barf. Hurl. Repeat.)


And if watching him standing there peeing isn't bizarre enough -- what was up with him yelling, "Fu&% Bill Clinton!" after spraying what appeared to be some sort of cleaning solution on a picture of the former President? That's just weird. (And pretty messed up too, regardless of whether or not you're a Clinton fan.)

Not only is Justin's behavior disgusting, it's pretty darn sad too. Remember what a great kid he used to be? He was wholesome, kind, and a real do-gooder, and now he's really turned into somewhat of a punk. From fighting to those alleged pot smoking photos to pissing into a bucket in a restaurant kitchen and slamming the Pres, the dude really seems to be taking a downward turn -- almost like he's the male version of Amanda Bynes or something. (Yikes.)

I know he's at that age when it's cool to goof off with your friends and rebel a little bit, but if he doesn't literally clean up his act in the near future, he may wind up destroying his image, his career, and possibly even his entire life.

Get it together already, Biebs -- before it's too late.

Are you disgusted by Justin's actions?


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