Kate Middleton's Royal Baby Has Some Very Famous Hollywood Cousins

baby footKate Middleton is due to give birth any day now, and if she ever brings her new baby to the U.S. for a visit, it looks as though he or she will have some very famous relatives to play with. According to findmypast.co.uk, the royal baby has many distant cousins in Hollywood, including Beyonce's little girl, Blue Ivy Carter, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's kiddos, Celine Dion's sons, and even Angie and Brad's brood.

Is this wild or what? It's like that game, six degrees of separation, but between the royal baby and the Hollywood crowd. (So fun!)

But how do the connections work out?


Let's start with how the royal baby is related to Blue Ivy Carter. The two tots are 23rd cousins twice removed, and the relation comes from French royal heritage.

As for Celine's three little ones? Believe it or not, they're 26th cousins thrice removed from the newest heir to the throne, so I guess they're not quite as close a relation as Bey's pride and joy.

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have royal ancestry, so their biological children are actually 12th cousins with Kate and Prince William's baby -- but there's still one Hollywood connection that's even closer than that.

Yep, leave it to Ben Affleck to have blood ties to Princess Diana, making his three kids with Jennifer Garner the royal baby's 11th cousins. (Dude. I knew he had to be royalty in one way or another. That Jen is one lucky duck.)

Huh. If that many Hollywood types are connected to the royals, you gotta wonder just how many of our own kids might be a cousin of Kate and William's baby too. OMG. If we trace our own ancestry and wind up being a relative of some sort, do you think that means we can score an invite to an afternoon tea/playdate combination at Kensington Palace the next time we're in London?

Yeah, probably not. But it sure is fun to think about being a cousin of the royal crew -- no matter how far back the lineage goes or how many times removed our own kids turn out to be from Kate's new baby.

I'm not the least bit embarrassed to admit that now I'm super curious as to whether or not my son has any royal blood pumping through his veins, which is why I probably won't be able to resist running my own family history on that site.

And if my little guy does turn out to be a distant cousin of the royal baby? Gasp! Maybe I'd better hit the mall this weekend to make sure we pick out an appropriate baby gift to send. We wouldn't want to be known as the black sheep of the family or anything.

Are you surprised to hear that Kate's baby has famous cousins?


Image via Silly Jilly/Flickr

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