Kate Middleton's Baby Already Has an Official Name

kate middleton prince williamIf you're wondering what Kate Middleton and Prince William's highly anticipated royal baby will be named, the wait is over! Well, sort of. A rep for Kensington Palace confirmed to Us Weekly that the baby has been given an official ... title! "The royal couple's child will officially be known as His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge," the rep says. Cue the crowd awwww!!

It bears noting, however, that this isn't exactly a breaking news flash. Queen Elizabeth II made a proclamation earlier this year stating the very same. Still, there was probably some question about it, because Queen Elizabeth II's grandfather, King George V, stated that daughters -- even firstborn daughters -- would be referred to as "ladies" as opposed to princesses, while sons would be called princes. But the Queen changed that century-old decree. And now we know that the royal baby-to-be is most definitely going to be called HRH Prince or Princess, no questions asked!


And that's awesome, because let's be honest -- everyone loves a real life fairy tale. And what's not to love about a fashionable Duchess and a charming Duke welcoming their first bundle of royal joy destined to be a Prince or Princess? It's not just so many little girls' fantasy to be a Princess or to marry a Prince. We adults are gonna eat this up, too. Admit it -- the little Prince or Princess is bound to set more kiddie couture trends than Suri Cruise, set the bar for more baby names than Blue Ivy, Bronx Mowgli, or little North ever could! And that's all because we're a world obsessed. 

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But as for that baby name we're all waiting with bated breath for? A palace aide says, "The couple have yet to decide on a name and probably won't until the day of the birth." Us warns it could take much longer than that for us to catch wind of it, as well. Princess Di and Prince Charles took a full week to name William, while Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip took a month to decide on Charles' moniker. In the meantime, I guess we can always refer to him or her with the stylish acronym "HRH."

Are you psyched about the royal baby's official title?


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