Shocking Kim Kardashian Home Movie Shows How Fame-Hungry She Was Even as a Child (VIDEO)

If you haven't seen this rare video footage of the Kardashian family before they were famous, stop what you're doing right now. Both fans and haters alike can enjoy this three-minute clip that shows Khloe Kardashian with braces and Rob Kardashian as a chubby little kid.

But what's most surprising about this video is how outgoing Kim Kardashian is, and by outgoing I mean obnoxious. Taking place during Kim's eighth-grade graduation party, the very outspoken teenager gets on the microphone and talks to the camera about how popular she is, how her friend is jealous of her, and craziest of all ... how we'll remember her when she's famous.

You've got to see this.


I have to admit, I cringed when Kim was on camera. I know she was so young, but come on. Even at that age, she is so full of herself. I doubt she'd enjoy watching these home movies. It's crazy to think she was just as attention-hungry back then as she is today.

But how adorable was Kourtney? She seems so cool and down-to-earth, even back then. I love how at one point, she replies, "So happy!" in that sarcastic Kourtney tone we've all grown to love. She hasn't changed one bit.

Do you find it funny that Kim knew she'd be famous?

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