'Royal Baby Watch' Is in Full Swing! (VIDEO)

st. mary's hospitalOMG. Are you or are you not totally freaking out over the fact that in a matter of days, the royal baby will finally arrive?!? (And if for some reason you're not excited, for the love of all things royal, why not?)

People all over the world are standing by on royal baby watch right now, and based on what's going on with Kate Middleton and Prince William, it looks as though she's due to give birth any time. Do you hear what I'm saying? Kate could go into labor at ANY moment. And that's probably why St. Mary's Hospital has had a final security sweep, and Kate has even been there for final checks to make sure everything is in place for her delivery.


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Yet another sign that Kate will likely give birth in the next few days? There's a helicopter waiting in a field in Anglesey on "standby" to transport Prince William to London the minute Kate goes into labor so he doesn't miss the birth of his child.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more.


Ahhhh! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday when the news of Kate's pregnancy broke, so it's just so surreal that the big day is finally approaching. But what if it happens in the early hours of the morning, which will be the middle of the night back here in the U.S.?

Holy moly -- there's a possibility that we could wake up tomorrow to the news that the royal heir has arrived, which will be the most exciting day most of us have had since Prince William and Kate tied the knot back in April of 2011. (Aww. Remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch their wedding? Such a thrill.)

I don't know about you, but I'm sure I'll be tossing and turning until this kid finally makes his or her royal entrance. The suspense over when it will actually happen is almost too much to take! (Squee!)

What day do you think Kate will give birth?


Image via St. Mary's Hospital

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