Farrah Abraham Reportedly Kicked Out of Rehab for Being Out of Control

farrah abrahamWe should've known that when Farrah Abraham checked herself into rehab, it wasn't going to end in sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Some sort of drama was bound to transpire. And now, indeed it has. RadarOnline is reporting that the former Teen Mom star was asked to cut her 10-day stint at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens short because she was being a "disruptive influence" to other patients. Haaa!

She was allegedly asked to leave rehab on Monday night, only two days before she was expected to finish the course. And wait, wait, the reason why is even better! I mean -- worse ... 


Apparently she got involved in an argument with a nurse, tried to take photos of another patient (Tan Mom, of course!) during group therapy, and upset fellow patients and counselors who were complaining to management that Farrah was acting like a bully. Wow.

The source claims that Lukens had first tried to give her the boot on July 3, but she "pleaded with them to stay last week and pledged her commitment to the program." So they gave her a second chance, but then she invited a paparazzi photog to come and take pics of her!! BHAHAHAHAHA. What a joke.

I guess we shouldn't be laughing. Rehab is serious business, and if any of this is true, it's blatantly clear that Farrah isn't taking it seriously at all. It sounds more like she sees it as the next "storyline" on the reality show her daily life has now become ... in her head. Further, rehab is supposed to help you dig yourself out from rock bottom. It's a place where you go when you've exhausted all of your options. So to be kicked out is like beyond Lindsay Lohan or Britney-at-her-worst proportions! Beyond hot mess.

Still, a source claims, “She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging." In other words, she's all but FAILED at rehab. That takes talent, Farrah. Seriously. How can she possibly be cool with that? And how can that possibly be cool for her reputation or "career"?

What do you make of this? Do you hope this means Farrah's 15 minutes of fame are close to over?


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