Kristen Stewart Finds 'I Love Rob' Message on Her Car Left as a Cruel 'Joke' (VIDEO)

kristen stewart car

Wow. This is pretty messed up. Someone had the nerve to write "I love Rob" in the dust on Kristen Stewart's car, and I'm sure she wasn't exactly thrilled upon finding the message waiting for her on her vehicle.

Ugh. Talk about depressing and humiliating. Not only did Kristen have to endure seeing the painful reminder of her breakup with Robert Pattinson right there in plain sight on the hood of her truck -- she also had to cope with photographers taking pictures of her looking at the message, which couldn't have been a pleasant experience.


Get a load of this video and the mortified look on her face upon returning to her car!


Aww. Poor girl. I feel so bad for her, don't you? Yeah, yeah, so she cheated with Rupert Sanders and it was only a matter of time before she and Rob split and went their separate ways. But regardless of the circumstances that led to their breakup, it's still tough when a long-term relationship ends, and I'm sure Kristen is pretty upset about the fact that it's over.

And the last thing she needs is people rubbing the split in her face and making her feel even worse about what happened than she already does. Whoever did this was simply being mean for the sake of being mean, and that just isn't right. (Seriously, who does something like that to intentionally embarrass and hurt someone?)

It's going to take some time for Kristen to come to terms with things ending with Rob, and people need to just leave her alone and give her some space, already. 

But she might want to think about going to the car wash on a regular basis to save herself from any further unnecessary humiliation.

Do you think this "joke" is funny or cruel?

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