Robert Pattinson Reportedly 'Rejected' by Beyonce When He Tries to Meet Her

Robert PattinsonOk, so this is just plain weird. Supposedly Robert Pattinson wanted to meet Beyonce after seeing her perform at the Staples Center in L.A. on July 1 -- but "he didn't have the right credentials" to get backstage.

(Uhhh, WTF?)

And apparently he wasn't too happy when he was told "no" the first time. A source says he and his buddies "tried to sneak into the meet and greet" and failed miserably. And then he tried to get in again but security wasn't havin' it -- so he and his pals didn't get to hang out with Bey.


One of two things must be going on here. Either this story is false and Rob never tried to meet Beyonce, or her security team has some serious explaining to do for not allowing one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood backstage. I mean, if Robert Pattinson approaches you and asks to meet Beyonce -- you take him to wherever the heck she is and introduce them like they're old friends.

OMG. What if Bey had something to do with this? What if her security peeps told her Rob was cruisin' for a meeting, and she refused? That would be beyond uncool. Yeah, I know she's a pretty big star and all -- but it's not like she's Kate Middleton. She's a singer, for crying out loud, and actors and singers tend to be on a similar level, so one shouldn't assume they're too good to talk to the other. (Gah.)

Ugh. I guess the rest of us can kiss our hopes of rubbing elbows with Bey goodbye for good. Geez. If Robert Pattinson can't manage to score a meeting with her, who the hell can? Oh yeah, you're right, probably Kate Middleton.

Are you buying this story? And if so, why do you think Rob got turned down?


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