‘Game of Thrones’ Gotye Parody Is Perfect Way to Mourn Your Favorite Characters (VIDEO)

a character i used to knowHow long has Game of Thrones season 3 been over? It has seemed like a freakin' eternity. Even longer is the arduous wait for season 4, and no fan is happy about that. Seriously, lots of us nerds have nothing better to do than to come out with Game of Thrones stuff to share on the Internet out of desperation to hang out in Westeros just a little bit longer.

The latest one features two superfans singing along to Gotye's ridiculously famous hit "Somebody That I Used to Know." They rightfully rename it "A Character I Used to Know" and talk about all the characters who've died in season 1. There are a bunch of 'em. And, um, guess it's a good thing these girls haven't gotten to the Red Wedding yet, I suppose?

Still, it's kind of amazing to think about the sheer number of characters who died in season 1. Feel like a refresher? Why not!


Here it is:

Though it's not all that funny and a tad long, gotta give props to these girls and their love of the series. The actress dressed like Arya kind of looks just like her! They have lovely voices as well. Still, they really should try to incorporate the (numerous) deaths that occurred in seasons 2 and 3 for next time. Would have loved to see their interpretation of some of the more infamous, violent scenes that will forever be seared into my memory.

And now that the long wait to season 4 has commenced, expect to see a lot more of these as the wait goes on ... and on ... and on ... god I miss this show.

What did you think of this Game of Thrones parody?


Image via notliterally/YouTube

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