Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Sweet 4th of July Photo Reveals the True Status of Their Relationship

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciOk, so I know I give them quite a bit of grief because they're a little (a lot) on the cheesy side, but this new picture of Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici with his niece and nephew in the pool is so cute I can hardly stand it.

Sean shared the photo on Instagram and captioned it simply with, "Happy 4th of July!"

And based on the smiles on all of their faces, it certainly was an enjoyable holiday weekend.


OMG, you guys -- how adorable are Sean and Catherine with these two kids?!? Something about this shot of them is making me (dare I say it?) buy into the idea of them being the real deal a little bit more -- and it also raises an important question.

Why in the hell are they waiting until 2014 to get married? Just look at them -- they're like one happy little family. If we didn't know we were looking at Sean's niece and nephew, couldn't those two little ones almost pass for their own kids? Good grief. They were born to procreate. And that's why they need to hurry up and tie the knot and get a move on, already.

When I first heard that Sean and Catherine postponed their wedding until next year, I took it as a red flag and figured maybe they were starting to realize that they might not be a perfect match. But after seeing how genuinely content and at ease they look in this photo? Maybe it's possible that they really are meant for each other and simply want to make sure their wedding is a day to remember instead of rushing to throw everything together. (And now I feel really bad for casting so much doubt in their direction and being kind of a royal bitch in pretty much every article I've written about them. Sorry, guys. For reals.)

But let's hope when they say 2014, they mean early on in the year. It would be such a shame for them to wait much longer than that, especially considering how great they look with a couple of kids in their arms. Come on, Sean and Catherine -- let's get this show on the road so the next time we see a photo like this, it's your own offspring clinging to you in the pool.

Does seeing Sean and Catherine with these kids make you believe in their relationship a little more?


Image via Instagram

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