Katy Perry Finally Gets John Mayer to Confess His Love -- Do We Hear Wedding Bells? (VIDEO)

katy perry john mayerIn case that cutesy pic of them wearing matching patriotic outfits wasn't enough clarification, here's further proof John Mayer and Katy Perry's latest relationship reboot is going strong. On the opening night of his Born and Raised World Tour in Milwaukee, John dedicated his song "A Face to Call Home" to Katy, who was reportedly looking on from the mixing board, according to Rolling Stone.

He also gave a little speech thanking her for helping him while he was grappling with the vocal chord problems that prevented him from performing for about 20 months. (This past January was the first time he was able to perform live since his health issues began.) John told the audience that Katy was "so patient," even going so far as to order food for him when he couldn't speak.


He went on to say he was grateful she took the time "to continue to get to know me and love me," despite his (physical and, err, perhaps emotional?) health issues. So sweet. 

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I'm a fan of this coupling, and I hope they can get it together and keep it together. And the vibe I'm getting from the story John told the Milwaukee crowd should give any other fans of his relationship with Katy hope ... After all, when you really prove you're willing to care for your partner in sickness and in health, you know you're in it for the long-haul. 

My husband (then-boyfriend) took care of me when I was going through one of the most major health challenges of my life, suffering from a herniated spinal disc that eventually required surgery and, after that, recovery through physical therapy and a lot of patience and TLC. And I've taken care of him while he's faced some of his darkest days, coping with chronic kidney stones and work injuries.

You can't pin an image of these kinds of events on your wedding dream board on Pinterest. Heh. You can't even necessarily imagine how or when they'll come along. But whenever they do, being patient and make sacrifices to be there for them is paramount to keeping a relationship alive and well. And it's one thing to say you'll do it in your vows ... quite another to actually do it.

It sounds like at least Katy is holding up her end of the "bargain." And the fact that John is expressing gratitude for that speaks volumes, as well. Hope that means their on-again, off-again relationship switch is firmly set to on -- for good.

Here's the adorable, rambly speech ...

Do you want to see Katy and John make it work? Are you impressed with his speech to her?


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