Kristen Stewart Nails the 'Hot Mess' Casual Look Perfectly (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartAfter seeing Kristen Stewart's messy, casual appearance after arriving back at LAX from Paris, it's clear that even when she doesn't put a lot of effort into getting dressed, she still manages to look good.

If this were anyone other than KStew, throwing on ripped jeans (with the band of her undies hanging out), a tank top, sneakers, and forgoing the makeup would probably have been a bit of a disaster, but somehow she almost made this ensemble look like haute couture. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)


Kristen definitely seems to have a knack for pulling off a perfectly appropriate look for any occasion without sacrificing her personal sense of style. Remember those see-through pants she wore for a show at Paris Fashion Week? They may have been a bit over-the-top, but that's kind of the idea when attending a formal event like that.

And considering the ripped jeans outfit was worn for a long day of traveling, it's clear that Kristen knows exactly when to keep things simple and dress down versus when to get all gussied up. I highly doubt she'd ever show up on the red carpet sporting jeans with holes in them, but for days like this when she's "not working," she couldn't have picked a better way to look chic yet comfortable and relaxed at the same time.

OMG -- I almost forgot to mention her glasses. How great does she look in specs?!? She tends to wear them a lot as part of her dressed down looks, but I'll bet they'd appear just as stylish and sophisticated with some of the more formal attire she wears as well. (Nothing quite says "I'm sexy" like the whole secretary vibe.)

Do you think Kristen looks better casual or all dressed up?


Image via Splash

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