Prince William Won't Make Same Parenting Mistakes His Dad Did

Prince William Kate MiddletonIf you're not on Kate Middleton birth watch already (as if there's anyone out there who isn't anxiously awaiting the royal bundle of joy), here's another reason to get excited! Pretty soon we'll get a look at a whole new side of Prince William: Wills, the royal dad! And it's already sounding like he's going to be channeling his lovely mom more so than his pops when the royal baby makes her (fingers crossed) arrival.

That's right, Prince William has no interest in "traditional royal father" roles. He's going to be a modern dad.


According to a source close to the royal family, Prince Charles wasn't a diaper changing kind of guy, but the Duke of Cambridge sees himself as an equal partner to Kate, and that means Prince William will be shouldering equal parenting duties:

He’ll expect to have sleepless nights and take a hand in changing nappies. He’ll be very hands-on -- and that means from Day One.

And here I didn't think the prince could actually get any sexier! But as a mom, let me tell you, there is NOTHING sexier than a man who loves his kids and is willing to do anything to show it.

My husband is one of those men. An only child, he'd never changed a diaper before our daughter was born, but he dove right in in the hospital. He was rapt watching the nurse teach us how to give her a bath and his big manly hands would cradle her head so gently, I sometimes got tears in my eyes.

OK, so maybe I was a little bit hormonal?

The point is, dads like my husband, dads like Prince William plans to be, aren't the future of fatherhood. They're today's dads, dads who aren't the bumbling idiots you see on the average TV sitcom, dads who understand that it isn't just the kids who need their fathers to be present; it's the moms. Moms need support, and we really do recognize when a guy is pulling his weight.

Prince Charles may have followed the traditional royal roles in never changing a diaper, but look where all those traditional roles got him in marriage.

Kate Middleton is lucky. She has a husband who was raised not just by her father-in-law, but by her mother-in-law too. Something tells me Prince William is not going to let his wife ever encounter the struggles of Princess Diana.

And if a PRINCE, the future KING, can get a little baby poop on his hands, there's absolutely no reason any other man out there can't do the same for HIS baby ... and his partner. Ya hear that Kanye?

Do you find it inspiring that Prince William is going to shoulder equal parenting or is that just something you'd expect from a dad in 2013?


Image via lwpkommunikacio/Flickr

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