Kylie Jenner's Bikini Picture Is a Sad Attempt to Keep Up With the Kardashians

Kylie JennerNot that I have any delusions that any of the Kardashian clan are role models or anything like that, but this picture Kylie Jenner posted on Twitter last night is just too much. Sure she looks fantastic in her bikini, but she's 15, people. Fifteen!

While we're used to seeing way too much of all of her and famous half sisters, this is just inappropriate anyway I try to look at it. It would be one thing if she was frolicking on the beach or doing something goofy while wearing a bikini, but this is so obviously sexually intended, it makes me sad ... and terrified as a mother of a little girl.


I mean, is Kris Jenner okay with this? Stupid question, I guess given what the rest of what her kids have done (and she's helped them do), but I wouldn't be. Not at 15, and it pains me to think of all the copycat shots she's going to inspire from little girls too young to think about the consequences of exploiting themselves like this at such a young age.

At 18, it's one thing, but this girl is still a minor, and Twitter certainly doesn't limit who sees this. I cringe at the thought of all the creeps out there who just wait for pictures of young girls like this.

Given her family's M.O., this shouldn't be shocking I guess, but that makes it even sadder in some respects. It's like Kylie doesn't feel like she has a choice but to use her body to get attention and publicity and to ... keep up with the Kardashians. So as stunning as this shot is, it's really quite sad.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner's bikini tweet?


Image via Twitter

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