'True Blood' Preview: Sookie Gets Her SexyBack ... Again ... One More Time (VIDEO)

sookieSexy Sookie ... what have you done?! Made a fool of everyone ... having a date with a faerie!! (Not that there's anthing wrong with that.) But I'm getting ahead of myself. See, apparently tonight's episode of True Blood, "At Last," is all about Sookie getting to know the mysterious Ben just a little bit better. Or maybe a lot better. Because here's the thing: It's starting to look like this Ben character is gonna turn out to be more than just another casual fling for Ms. Stackhouse. In fact, it's starting to look like this Ben character could hold the key to Sookie's whole existential supernatural identity crisis ...


Or so this preview clip would seem to imply. According to faerie grandfather Niall, Sookie is the "bearer of the Fae" -- which means that, in addition to being a crazy vampire magnet, she MUST be protected at all costs. Which ... hey, is this really big news?? Didn't we already know all that boring crap about Sookie?? Like, since Season 1?? I mean, let's face it -- if Sookie is STILL confused about who the hell she really is at this point, girlfriend is too dense to give a werepanther's ass about, in my opinion. 

But maybe I'm missing something. Here, you watch the clip:


Sooo, what do you guys think? Will we really learn anything new about Sookie Stackhouse tonight? Do we even care?? Will the hook-up with Ben be hot?? DO WE EVEN CARE?? (Slightly, yes.)

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of True Blood?

Image via starstruckr/YouTube

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