Construction Sign Humiliates Kim Kardashian for Something She Did a Long Time Ago

kim kardashianInstead of putting up a boring old sign, a Canadian construction company decided to add some humor to their work site -- at the expense of Kim Kardashian. In an effort to answer local's questions on how long the building renovation will take, a sign outside of the Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto, Ontario reads: "Construction set to finish faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage."

Aw. Poor Kim. Despite just getting engaged and having a baby, her marriage to Kris Humphries' is still a punchline.


Actually, before you start shedding a tear for baby North's mama, the company will apparently be running a series of jokey signs outside of the building until construction is complete. And, randomly, the signs are apparently written by famous comedy troupe, Second City. Weird.

If Kim winds up getting wind of this sign (which I'm sure she will, thanks to her trusty Google Alert), I seriously doubt she'll give a shih tzu. At this point, the woman's probably heard it all. And she has a baby to take care of right now. If that doesn't put things into perspective, nothin' will, ya heard?

What do you think of this sign? Funny? Lame? Mean?


Image via Guise Archives/Flickr

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